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What is a Retractable Door Screen?
For those who have not used a retractable screen door before, these are insect screens that roll into a compact housing. Retractable screen doors are designed to not interfere with your regular door function and you only see the door screen when it is in use. The retractable door screen easily extends from the housing and is held in place by a magnetic latch. The door screen easily retracts with the help of a spring-loaded roller tube that is built into the unit housing. The majority of homeowners prefer  retractable screen doors over more traditional slider doors as they do not obstruct landscape or vista views.




What Makes Our Retractable Door Screens So Special?

Our Custom retractable screen doors are the perfect screening solution for virtually any door opening and a superior alternative to conventional door screens. Retractable screen doors remain out of sight when not being used and when needed pull smoothly and effortlessly across the door opening and latch securely into place.

Retractable door screens are completely customized to each customers specific door opening so they are able to blend in perfectly to the homes décor whether they are installed on the exterior or on the interior. Our custom retractable door screens are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are the best quality retractable door screens on the market.

Our retractable screen door color finishes are especially formulated to resist UV rays and salt spray, exceeding paint standards (one of the toughest standards in the paint industry). Exceeding these standards is essential in retractable screen door manufacturing in order to ensure that the paint properly adheres to all aluminum retractable screen door parts and that our screen door products live up to our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our retractable door screens are built to last a lifetime!




Quality You Can Count On

Proudly manufactured in North America, using  only the best quality components and finishes, our retractable screen doors are the highest quality screens on the market! From the internal bushings to the powder coated aluminum, ultra smooth glide that allows for effortless one-handed operation, our retractable screens are built to last a lifetime.

Quality components are the key to a smooth operating screen door along with features that support ease of use. These details come together to create a highly functional screen door that is a breeze to use.




 Retractable Door Screen Benefits:

  • Retractable screen doors permit free airflow that refreshes your home and keeps you feeling amazingly energized.
  • You don’t have to deal with insects, but you still get to stay connected to your surroundings.
  • Choose from several beautiful standard retractable screen color options, or custom colors that are available to match your home decor and your style.
  • Your view remains unobstructed, and retractable screens can be stored out of sight until needed.
  • All retractable screens are custom-fitted and professionally installed, creating sleek lines and supreme functionality.


Retractable door screens work on various applications including:

»French/Double Doors

»In-swing Doors

»Out-swing Doors

»Sliding Patio Doors

»Oversized Doors

and many other applications….


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We proudly offer an Industry Leading Warranty that includes a warranty on the mesh!

Please see our warranty page for more details..








BetterView is the next generation of retractable screen systems with the most technologically advanced features on the market. The BetterView is custom built to fit all types and sizes of single and double entry doors and windows.

Featuring Wizards’ captured mesh technology, the screen is locked in top and bottom to provide you peace of mind and superior insect protection. The newly designed full length latching slide bar holds your screen in place, and NO MORE MAGNETS!  The days of your retractable screens popping open with a crash when you least expect it are a thing of the past, plus with an integrated speed reducer the BetterView screen door offers ease of use for all ages.

Wizard’s BetterView features many of the key benefits of our other screens all in one package, built and priced for every single and double door application up to six feet wide and 9 feet tall. With a sleek fully enclosed square housing design, Wizard’s BetterView is built to blend seamlessly with your own personal style. Its amazing how good these screen doors look.

BetterView has the ability to use different meshes depending on your needs (some size restrictions apply). Should we also mention that BetterView has the most controlled retraction out there. Not only does it come with a speed reducer to slow the rate of retraction but it is also adjustable so it can be balanced just the way you like it. With no magnets on BetterView lets just say you are in control all the way.

It’s easy to see why Wizard’s BetterView retractable screen is the new gold standard for retractable screen doors!


Sizing Options



  • Clear views, no pleats or bars to obstruct your view
  • Captured mesh, mesh is locked inside tracks and will not blow out 
  • Low-profile housing and tracks
  • Speed-reducer slows rate of retraction and is fully adjustable so it can be balanced just the way you want 
  • Can be installed on virtually any door opening (up to 72″ wide and 96″ high)
  • Reduced energy costs-save you money!
  • Enjoy fresh air without the bugs
  • Variety of insect mesh options available