VistaView™ Manual Screens For Large Openings

VistaView™ is a true retractable screen door designed specifically for large openings such as bi-fold, lift and slide, stacking, and folding door systems. A single VistaView™ large opening retractable screen can cover 14′  while a double unit can cover 28′. VistaView™ by Wizard Industries features a secure zippered track which prevents blowouts in high winds. A unique handle braking system allows users to stop the VistaView™ anywhere along its track. Every VistaView™ screen is custom made for each specific opening allowing for a perfect fit.  For new construction VistaView’s channel and recessed cup allows for the bottom track to be easily recessed to give a flush finish. VistaView™  is  truly a remarkable and preferred screening system for large format doors and openings.


  • Single unit spans up to 14′ wide!
  • Double unit spans up to 29′ wide!
  • Folding door systems that meet at a 90-degree corner as well as split heights can be screened with a double unit.
  • Patented Braking Technology- A self-locking brake allows you to stop the screen in any position along the track.
  • Secure Zippered Track- VistaView™ has a secured zippered track that keeps the screen tight at all times, preventing blowouts.
  • VistaView™ screens use advanced heat welding technology instead of stitching allowing the screen to withstand most accidental impacts.
  • Protection from insects and suns harmful UV rays *
  • Retracts into protective housing during inclement weather and cold winter temperature without having to be taken down and stored away like traditional insect screens.
  • Maintain clear view-No pleats or cables!

Not intended to be used in cold and inclement weather and during storms that may damage mesh. 


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