We are proud to introduce:

An industry leading and revolutionary in design motorized retractable screen system that is Guaranteed to outperform any other motorized screen system in the market! Our MagnaTrack motorized retractable screen system is the only roll down motorized screen that will provide issue free operation and will enhance your outdoor lifestyle! Hands down the #1 motorized screen! GUARANTEED to withstand winds up to 85 MPH in the deployed position!


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MagnaTrack Motorized Retractable Screens




Patented track system overcomes inherent hangup issues, re-wrapping, dislodging from side tracks that ALL other ZIPPER systems incur! The MagnaTrack system  ELIMINATES ALL the issues common with competitive zipper systems. Internal Neodymium magnets allow the inner track to free float with no mechanical fasteners, self adjusts for un-level surfaces, and it is the only self-correcting motorized screen in the industry! Proprietary interlock and our New MagnaTrack system provide incomparable performance, and reduces almost all potential service issues inherent of other motorized screen systemsGUARANTEED to out perform any competitive product and built to last a life time! 

The MagnaTrack motorized screen is the perfect screening solution for indoor and outdoor spaces such as  patios, porches, large door systems, garages, windows, lanais, gazebos, picture windows, outside eating areas, car ports, and entry ways. Our motorized retractable screens can provide solar protection, insect screening, ventilation, and additional privacy with our solar/privacy mesh which will allow you additional enjoyment of your outdoor space. Clear vinyl material is the perfect addition for creating an outdoor space that can be used year round by helping to keep the inside temperature cooler while creating a barrier against debris, rain and wind.

MagnaTrack motorized retractable screens are adaptable to every design from surface mounting and recessed applications, with columns and archways formed from stone, wood or other materials. We can provide colors to match and enhance your living or outdoor space. Materials for screening can be everything from insect mesh to 90% UV blocking mesh for privacy and vinyl material.

Like our door and window screens, our MagnaTrack motorized retractable screens retract when not in use and can be completely concealed with our recessed application installation. They have the ability to be integrated into smart home systems and come with optional accessories. Unlike permanently screened enclosures, your space can be kept cleaner and fresher in all seasons through increased ventilation. MagnaTrack motorized retractable screens can be a great solution for reducing energy costs by reducing the the need for air conditioning and allowing better ventilation for the interior of the home. Motorized retractable screens with solar mesh provide protection from harmful UV rays and can help extend the life of interior furnishings by reducing UV related fading.

Our Commercial System is designed to be used on outdoor seating areas of restaurants, hotels, casinos, resorts, special event areas, and wedding venues. This system is designed to withstand the in-climate conditions and deploy on demand to protect your clients and enhance their experience. Our commercial system is available with vinyl window or screen only. The system is totally customizable to fit your needs, design and requirements. Our MagnaTrack Commercial system is available up to 26′ wide and 16′ tall with Vinyl windows! 


MagnaTrack motorized retractable screen features:

  • European styling details
  • Remote controlled at the touch of a button
  • Popular  standard color choices with hundreds of  RAL colors and custom colors available            
  • Wide variety of mesh options (insect, solar, privacy, and more) and vinyl material can be used
  • Optional recessed design conceals tracks and rollers
  • Keder system allows continuous and smooth movement  when screen is deployed-The MagnaTrack system does not have zippers that break and cause hang ups when using the screen!
  • Durable extruded aluminum components (end caps, hood, roller assembly, side tracks and weight bar)- No Plastics That Can Crack And Break!!
  • AAMA 2604 powder coated aluminum ensures no chipping, peeling, or bubbling of the paint
  • Stainless steel fasteners- No Rusting!!
  • Units up to 30′ wide X 24′ tall
  • Virtually any opening can be accommodated
  • Compatible with most home automation systems
  • Revolutionary self-adjusting tracks-Side track design allow the internal track to free float during deployment and keep constant tension on the screen when deployed.
  • Felt pile used on bottom adheres nicely to pavers, concrete, tile, wood, and most uneven surfaces, creating a perfect  seal at the bottom
  • Heaviest weight bar in the industry, for smoother operation 
  • Double felt system on inside of hood cover and back of hood brushes off dirt and debris, and keeps unwanted insects from crawling in
  • Heavy duty motors with built in triple-try obstacle detection
  • UL Recognized
  • CSA Approved
  • FCC Approved
  • IP 44 Rated
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Industry Leading Warranty!!



World’s first and only self-correcting motorized retractable screen!