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We are a Chicago based company who takes great pride in being the choice leading supplier of the highest quality custom retractable screen products in Chicago and the Greater Chicagoland Area. We approach each project, regardless of size, as a unique challenge. Our expertise lies in our excellent product knowledge, advanced product installation abilities, and our out of the box thinking allows us to create a perfect retractable screen solution for even the most difficult or nearly impossible situations. Our ability to provide our customers with the best possible retractable screening solution for any type of application and our professional product installation is second to none and that is what truly sets us apart.

Our company, Retractable Screens, LLC, is the only retractable screen company that has the ability to serve our customers as well as the professionals we work with both locally and in nearby states. Our strong commitment to provide the highest level of service and our extensive experience in construction and design has made us the preferred retractable screen specialists for builders, architects, and designers. We are the go-to experts for Chicago and Greater Chicagoland architects, builders, designers, and construction professionals who rely on us for their local and out of state project screening needs.

What Set’s Us Apart?

Our commitment to provide unparalleled customer service, the industry’s highest quality retractable screen products, and our installation expertise allow us to provide a perfect retractable screen solution for any type of application and that is what truly sets us apart.

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*Please note: We Do Not service other screen products/brands installed by other companies.